Honglexin Crystal is a stockpile of soil moisture, nutrients and trace elements in the vector super absorbent. It is based on agriculture, forestry, the high water-absorbent resin processed. In a few hours we can absorb as much as 50 to 100 times its own heavy water, Then slowly release the supply of plant growth. For indoor cultivation of a variety of shade plants, even a month without water, plants also unharmed. It also contains N, P, K and trace elements and other nutrients, the plants meet the requirements of normal growth. Crystal mud colorful variety, which can grow flowers, floral, will be based on personal preference, in all sorts of colors to match the crystal mud. to achieve their most popular effects. Crystal mud widely used in the cultivation of indoor plants, decorative Narcissus pool, flower arranging, crystal candlestick. Clusters of desk accessories, as well as city water, Christmas gifts, daily home green, will become a beautiful scenic city.