Honglexin Expansion is a high flood small bag products, superior performance, easy to use and popular authorized users.Swelling flood confirm this bag is a simple and effective waterproof material

Product structure : Causing material coated with natural Ma woven fabric bags; Embedded inside the bag with water flooding expanders


1•  For flood repair dikes loopholes spillover Rescue, a lot of flood protection dyke in the interim, temporary waterproof wall built, the slope protection.closure, dark hole and plug Yields

2. For the Treasury courtyard, pond, inundated farmland drainage

3. Flooding easier for the factories, tunnels, railway underground parking lots and other low-lying areas into waterproofing

4. For road construction, bridge construction site, sport and other stagnant water to the water-absorbent

5. For the mining, oil and gas exploitation industry need to rapidly drain the mines Wharf


•  Swelling flood bags, the use of small size, light weight, storage, transport convenience.Compared with the traditional soil can greatly reduce the bags and serve as a time for rescue;

•  the product is environmentally friendly products, the process of using non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting, natural degradation

Use method

•  When not in use, the bags should be placed in flood standby indoor dry place.-- rain or typhoon season period may guardhouse at the entrance or at any time

•  Use, to open the bag, the bag will close on the flood submerged in water or direct Drenching, about 3-5 minutes.Inflatable bag 80-100 times (20KG), and then moved to intercept the required flood Department;

•  After the floods recede, the flood water has not placed plastic bags after finishing off;The flood water has been used to be naturally dried bags for waste disposal, non-toxic, environmentally sound and pollution-free.no impact on the environment.


•  specification : DEMI-FH-202 Size before absorb : 650 ( long )× 350 ( wide )× 8 ( high ) mm

size after absorb : 600 ( long )× 300 ( wide )× 150 ( high ) mm

•  weight : weight before absorb 0 . 42Kg ± 5% weight after absorb 20Kg ± 5%

•  packing material : outer bag : natural fabric , density 42 × 39 Inner: textiles

•  use condition : fresh water PH environment 8 > PH > 46 . Expand time : 3-5minutes ( water temperature20 ℃)

•  strength against press :≥ 150 Kg

•  packing : carton , 30pcs/carton ; 10pcs in a water-proof plastic bag

•  carton size : 370 × 345 × 470 mm corrugated paper

•  store request : store and transport in dry condition

•  guarantee : Specification can be changed according to customer's request within 6 years


•  Bag of each side must be firmly secured to the flood control dams;

•  Flood kits available between wire, hemp rope connected

•  Expanding the use of plastic bags flood sealed bags, sealed and no breakage

Expansion of flood prevention and application testing kit bag is a small swelling flood control, light weight.Easy transportation of bulk water, the rapid expansion of the rapid increase in weight,2-3 minutes maximum volume swelling flood of new waterproofing material.